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Mahjong Epic 4.2

Mahjong Epic is an arcade game for Windows, Linux and Mac
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Mahjong Epic is a wonderful mahjong game for Windows. Like in any mahjong game, you have to match two equal available tiles to make them disappear until you clear the whole board. The number of tiles from the boards vary from 50 to 300, and this also determines the level of difficulty.

It includes 100 standard boards to choose from and you can also create your own one with the editor. What is more, it includes a hint system that can be disabled from the panel on the left.

You can pause the game, undo, redo, and save to continue playing it later. If you fail, you can also see the solution to see where you made mistakes.
By default, the game is opened in windowed mode, but you can change this and select full screen. You can also adjust other features of the game the way you want.

The graphics are stunning and the game also comes with wonderful background images that vary from time to time. If you choose to "shuffle the board", the arrangement of the tiles will change that will help you in case you get stuck. The music is pleasant, but as there's only one track, it gets annoying after some time.
It would be great if it included more tracks or gave you the possibility of adding your own music. All in all, Mahjong Epic is a beautiful game for mahjong lovers that can keep you playing for hours nonstop.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Great graphics and sounds
  • 100 boards
  • You can create your own boards with the editor
  • Beautiful backgrounds
  • Hint system and solution


  • Repetitive music
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